Saturday, June 22, 2013

Swarovski Bead and Button challenge

I mentioned in my Bead and Button show review that I picked up various Swarovski beads at different booths in the market place.

The beads were different sizes, different colors and a few were in different shapes.

I raided my crystal and pearl stash and pulled out beads in similar colors and shapes.

Then, I sat down and started playing.  I made a few flower motifs with the beads from my stash and from the soup.

I bought a few packs of 3mm bicones to use instead of seed beads and went to town.

The result is this bracelet, which I call "Leftover Flowers."

With the exception of the snap closure, all the beads are Swarovski.  I also used every bead I picked up at the show.

I really like how colorful it is.

I'll be posting this bracelet to Swarovski's Bead and Button Contest Facebook page.  There are only a few entries so far, but I bet more will be coming in the next week.  If you have time, take a look to see what the other participants made.


  1. I love what you did with your crystal bead soup! This is a great bracelet. Good luck with the FB contest.

  2. Wow Tanya the bracelet is gorgeous I love all the Bling the flowers have! Yep I swear I must have been a Magpie in another life LOL! Good luck in the contest.

  3. What a great creation! I love how you brought so many different shapes and colors together in such an organic, festive way -- it just looks like a burst of happiness!

  4. Really pretty bracelet, Tonya!

  5. I love how you pulled the content of the soup together so effectively, and what a great title! I wasn't feeling too inspired by the soup I picked up at the show, but maybe I should give it another shot. Good luck in the contest!!

  6. You've made a fabulous bouquet bracelet with your leftover flowers! :-)

  7. Just gorgeous! Love your colors and the design

  8. Just gorgeous! Love your colors and the design