Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spinner Rings with Robyn Cornelius

I have wanted to do more metal work, so my first class at Bead and Button was with Robyn Cornelius.  Robyn is a wonderful metal smith and I was very excited to take her "Spinner Rings" class.

Robyn make working with silver look so easy.  You can tell she has years of experience under her belt.  She was very helpful and guided the whole class in filing, texturing, sawing, soldering, polishing and folding.

We were all pleased with the end result.

Robyn paints the inside of her rings with liver of sulfur and achieves the amazing colors.  I had never tried that before and will be playing a bit with the idea. You can see the colors change with each brushstroke.

While my attempt pales in comparison to Robyn's, I am pleased with the result.

You can see more of Robyn's work (and glimpse the gorgeous colors of her patinas) on her website.

You can also buy Robyn's tutorials from her etsy shop.  Her waved bangle is next on my ever-growing list.


  1. I love your ring, Tanya! I love spinner rings and one of them is on my list of things to make! The LOS technique is intriguing!

  2. OMG! I am so jealous that you were able to take this class with her! :) In a good way of course! Your ring is FABULOUS! Sue Kennedy of Sue Beads told me about her Wave Bangle tutorial a few months ago - and it is sitting on my bench right now! I have been afraid of trying it as the silver for a bangle is expensive and I am so afraid of ruining it! But, I will try it in the next few days...I hope!

  3. Love your ring, it is just beautiful!