Sunday, November 3, 2013

The story of four pendants from the Classic Bead

Lately, I've been playing with pendants made by Tracee Dock of the Classic Bead.

I've been a fan of Tracee's ever since I saw this necklace in the Spring 2010 issue of Stringing magazine.  Tracee's beads are gorgeous and I love her sense of style.

Recently, I was able to meet Tracee in person.  We met for brunch with Sharyl, then had a great time shopping at Harbor Freight and Joanne's.

Tracee brought some of her beads for show and tell.  Of course, Sharyl and I had to buy a few.  :)

As I added those beads to my stash, I realized I've been hoarding some of Tracee's pendants for a while.  I figured this was a good time for them to come out and play.

This was the first necklace I completed.

I used a cellini spiral for the center portion of the necklace (similar to this one) and used a bit of leather for the back of the necklace.

I made an s hook clasp that works perfectly with the leather.

The next necklace started after, inspired by my friend Sharyl, I played around with patinas and gilders paste.

I liked the result, but had a hard time incorporating it into a finished piece.  I looked through my beads and found this bumblebee pendant by Tracee.

It's a simple necklace, but I really like it.

Of course, I wondered how gilders paste worked on chain maille.

I adapted the center part of Kylie Jones's "Fluid" necklace, published in the October issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry, and started adding patina and gilders paste.

I loved how it turned out and how it complimented this awesome pendant from Tracee.

This time, I added a bit of ribbon and beaded bands to hold the ribbon in place.  I also couldn't resist adding a beaded clasp.

Finally, I had the opportunity to play with an awesome disc/shallow cone bead Tracee made.  She showed it to Sharyl and me at brunch and mentioned that it had a tendency to fall forward, like many other types of disc beads.

This tutorial by Tanya McGuire immediately came to mind.  Tracee gifted me the bead and asked me to see what I could do.

Tanya's tutorial worked perfectly.

I painted a lucite leaf and added it to the back of the pendant.

I made another cellini spiral for the middle of the necklace and used an awesome chain I had been saving for a special occasion.

I adore how this turned out.

The beads I used are only a sampling of what Tracee has in her Classic Bead shop.

She's started adding holiday beads.  Take some time and look through her shop -- you won't be disappointed.

If you are looking for buttons or other clay creations, you can find them in Tracee's Classic Elements shop.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Focus on Life - 44 of 52

My post for the Rolling Blog hop is here.

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This week, Sally asked us to capture something seasonal -- something spooky or scary.

This, though not terribly spooky, was the first thing that came to mind.

Happy Halloween.  Please check Sally's blog to see what spookiness awaits.

Focus on Life - 43 of 52

My post for the Rolling Blog hop is here.

My post for the Halloween Blog hop is here.

This week, Sally asked us to focus on shadows.

I liked this photo of leaves, both on the ground and clinging to the trees.

I also liked the shadows in the background of this one.

Please check out Sally's blog to see more shadows.