Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bead and Button 2013 - what I didn't buy (but really wanted to)

When I posted about the Bead and Button show yesterday, I showed you the few beads that I bought.  I realized today that I should have also shown you the beads I didn't buy (but really, really wanted to).

As I mentioned in my last post, I didn't buy as many kits or patterns as I had wanted because I wasn't sure that I would actually bead them.

I would, however, like to share them with you.

Okay, I can't share every single one.  I would be typing all day.  Instead, I will show you a sampling of what appealed to me and what I will keep in the back of my head for a rainy day.

I loved Hannah Rosner's patterns, specifically her Atlantis Bracelet.

Hannah's photo from her etsy listing

I loved the way the bracelet curved and captured another row of beads in the middle.

You can find more of Hannah's patterns, including her Royal Ruffles pattern (another favorite), in her etsy shop.

I was disappointed that I couldn't take Cindy Holsclaw's Tila Garden Pendant class or her Cosmic Nocturne pendant class.  I love Cindy's work and I've been eyeing the Tila Garden pendant for a while now.  It looks amazing!

Cindy creates amazing geometrical shapes with her beadwork.  Recently, she has been developing beaded molecules.  This chocolate molecule, of course, is my favorite.

Cindy's photo from her blog

You can find these patterns and more on Cindy's website, Bead Origami.

I'm a big fan of Marcia Balonis and her booth did not disappoint.  Marcia does amazing things with spirals.  I've used her Different Kind of Spiral pattern before and have my eye on her Magic Twist Spiral.

Marcia's photo from her etsy listing

I also have my eye on her Tila Double Wide bracelet and her Chunky Spiral 2 pattern (that is not yet on her website, but should be soon).  You can find Marcia's patterns on her website or in her etsy store.

I have always loved Met Innmon's patterns, but seeing the samples in person was amazing.  I fell in love with her Ribbon Arches bracelet and have been lusting after her Crystal Triad pendant for some time now.  I'm not sure if Met sells her instructions separately, but you can find her kits on her website.

I had not seen Kelly Angeley's work before, but I was so glad I stopped by her booth.  Her work is so full of color and cheer.

Seriously, how can you not smile when you see this kit?

Kelly's photo from her etsy listing

I love her Anemone bracelet and was bummed that I wasn't in able to take that class.  (You can see the Anemone bracelet here, just scroll down a bit.)

You can find kits in Kelly's etsy store.

I've been reading Charlene Abrams' blog for a while now and was delighted to meet her in person.  I was instantly taken by her Cuboctahedral Bouquet pattern.

Charlene's photo from her craftsy listing

I am also eyeing her Pearl Ruffle bracelet pattern.

You can find more of Charlene's patterns in her craftsy shop.

While in one of my classes, I met Laura Luepke from the Verdant Edge.  She is an amazing bead weaver and her sense of style and color are amazing.  Laura was wearing the necklace she submitted for the Beadwork Beaded Bead contest and it was stunning!

Laura will bezel just about anything and create a gorgeous work of art.

I love this necklace.

Laura's photo from her etsy listing

Laura doesn't write tutorials, but you should still check out her etsy store.  Her work is amazing.

I also ogled the work of several bead artists at the show marketplace.  I can't tell you how many amazing artists were in the market place.  Again, I can't show you everything, but these really stood out to me.

The first was Sylvie Lansdowne. I met her last year and *loved* her head over heels kits.

This year's kit is a fairy.

Sylvie's photo from her website

She is adorable.  It's a doll and a bracelet -- all in one.  I really want to get one for the kiddo.  She would love it.

Sylvie creates the lampwork head, hands and feet for her dolls along with other awesome beads.  You can find more on her website.

I loved Jen Gordon's beads.  She is a self taught artist and makes these cute little gnome beads.  At the show she had several of these zombie gnome beads.  I loved them.

Jen's photo from her etsy listing

You can find more beads in Jen's etsy shop.

I really loved the colors in Harold Williams' glass beads.  Harold is one of those people who can make glass look like something other than glass.  I think I touched every single bead on his table.

I loved the different shapes of his beads and the patterns he created in them.  I could have easily gotten lost in the beads.

These are a favorite.

Harold's photo from his etsy listing

You can find more of Harold's beads in his etsy shop.

Finally, I loved Catherine Tetrault's fused glass pendants.  Her spiderweb collection first caught my eye, but I really was in awe of her metalpoint pendants.

Metalpoint is a old metal on paper drawing technique that Catherine has incorporated into her fused glass work.  The results are stunning.

Catherine's photo from her website

You can find more of Catherine's work on her website or in her etsy shop.

Whew!  I hope that's not too much beady goodness for you.  (It certainly isn't for me.)  If you have some time, please check the shops and websites above.  I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Tomorrow (hopefully), I will start my class reviews.


  1. What a great write-up. Thanks for supplying all the eye candy so we could live vicariously! One of these days, when I've finally hit that Powerball, I want to go to Bead and Button!

  2. Thank you for including my work in your blog! It was great to meet you at Sherri's class, and it looks like you had a very productive and rewarding time at Bead and Button. I actually ended up signing up for Cindy's Cosmic Nocturne Pendant class and the last minute. I am truly in awe of her ability to transform seed beads into such amazing geometric structures.