Friday, October 2, 2009

Another bracelet

Continuing the bracelet trend, I found another great (and quick) project from the Bead and Button archives. This one is from the February 2008 issue: What's your Bangle? by Shelley Nybakke.

This bracelet really came together quickly. The base is a tube made with size 8 seed beads using a right angle weave. The embellishment is very simple and was the easiest part of the project.

The crystals add visual interest to the piece. I used Swarovski golden shadow bicone crystals, which are somewhat subtle and pick up the color of the seed beads.

The idea of a bangle really excited me. I'd like to make another one like this in metallic gold with the same golden shadow crystals.

This project from the June 2007 issue also looks like it might compliment my new bangle. I guess a trip to the bead store is in my future.

New beading project

I've had bracelets on the brain the last few weeks and dug up some great patterns on the Bead and Button website. My latest is from the June 2008 issue: Even the odds by Pamm Horbit.

The bracelet is woven in a two drop odd peyote technique using 4mm square beads and size 11 seed beads. The author used a different technique for odd count peyote, but I found myself reverting back to old habits when making this bracelet.

The closure for the bracelet was very inventive and I was pleased to see it bring a new dimension to the piece. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the end of the bracelet is woven in square stitch using only seed beads and folded over to make a cuff for the gemstone to slide through. The gemstone is then secured using the loop on the other side of the bracelet.

I'm pleased with the finished product. The bracelet sets comfortably on my wrist and the gemstone dangles a bit, which gives a bit of movement to the piece. I'm happy with my color choices. The square beads have a pink/gold luster which compliment the dusty pink seed beads. The whole thing took maybe four or five hours to complete, which makes this an easy weeknight project.