Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas earrings

These earrings get a ton of "wear" during December and January.  They are very inexpensive to make (about $1 a pair) and are just plain cute.  :)  Several years ago (more years than I care to count), I made about 10 pairs and gave them to my aunts and cousins.

I have seen similar designs, like this one and this one, both from Fusion Beads.  I like my snowmen a bit better, though, because the scarf seems to be blowing in the wind.

While browsing, I saw this design and couldn't resist.

(My version used bordeaux  and white pearls instead of the red coral and ivory pearls the design calls for.)

I can't decide if these remind me more of a dancer from the "Nutcracker" or of Santa.  Either way, they are adorable.

Speaking of nutcrackers, Fusion Beads has nutcracker earrings here.

I posted about these earrings last year, but wanted to show them to you again.

These earrings combine this hanging Santa pattern from threadabead with a Christmas tree made from Swarovski margarita beads (like this one).

These earrings are a bit big, but I enjoy wearing them.  As I mentioned in my previous post, they would make a great ornament.


  1. Cute snowmen earrings! But that last pair is adorable...I agree...would make a great ornament!

  2. so cute! those Santa ones are fabulous!