Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa, Baby

Sometime in October, I saw a pair of Santa earrings in my local bead shop:  a brick stitch Santa climbing up to a swarovski margarita bead Christmas tree.  I remember thinking, "I'll definitely try that after Thanksgiving."  Well, in the first part of December, I went back to the shop to get a closer look.  To my dismay, the earrings were gone.  The lady at the shop had no idea what I was talking about.  Now, either I'm confused (very likely), dreaming (somewhat likely), or in a parallel universe (not so likely).

Of course, these earrings became somewhat of a mission.  After a bit of searching, I found this pattern on threadabead.    This site has a ton of peyote and brick stitch patterns for almost any occasion.  (There is even a brick stitch karate student.)

While searching for the hanging Santa pattern, I found several other awesome patterns.  Who wouldn't want this snowman on her tree?

Speaking of trees, I needed to make some for my earrings.

Trees + Santa + ring = the cutest Santa earrings

They are a little big, but I like wearing them.  I think they are also a perfect size for an ornament.

My plan is to take these into the bead stores I frequent and ask around.  If I find the name of the person who made the pair I originally saw, I'll update this post.

If any of you remember seeing them in a magazine or other publication, please let me know and I will give credit where credit is due.


  1. Those earrings are fantastic and I agree they would make a really cute ornament.

  2. These are too cute! We are sharing your post on our FB page :-)

  3. I love the earrings, but that same santa could be made of pom-poms for a wall hanging or even hanging off of a fire place!!!

  4. wow, that earrings are incredibly cute!

  5. Well, I'm way late in seeing this, but I'll still add that I think the idea is way cute and I've not seen anything like it! You mention bead shops, we'll have to compare notes some day!

  6. Extremely cute :)
    I made two santa's based on Your photos, hope you won't be angry