Friday, February 28, 2014

She Made/She Made - February 2014

For the past year or so, Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller have participated in a monthly She Made/She Made, using beads they exchanged when they met.  It's been fun to watch and to read about what each of them made with the same beads.

A few months ago, Therese found these awesome clay faces at the Kentuck Festival of the Arts.

They were made by Susan Clayton and are just amazing to see.

Therese bought a few extra and asked six of us to join them for this month's She Made/She Made.  I am honored to be in that group.

When I received the face, I couldn't stop looking at it.  There is so much character in that little face.

I immediately envisioned a wise woman or elder and wanted to create something that did justice to Susan's beautiful work.

It was the perfect time to try working with shibori ribbon.  I love the texture created by the folds of the ribbon.  With a bit of practice, I was able to shape the ribbon around the face.

A bit of embroidery and I was done.

Of course, after I cut the oval shape out, I noticed the face was a bit off center.  I guess she's looking at something.  :)

I wanted to keep the rest of the necklace simple, so I layered strands of chain and ribbon.

Therese and Christine, thank you so much for letting me play along with you this month.  I really enjoyed working with the face.

Please take some time to see what the other ladies did with their faces.  You won't be disappointed.

Therese Frank - our hostess
Christine Altmiller - our hostess
Tanya - you are here


  1. Absolutely amazing! I am so very impressed by folks who can work with little, tiny seed beads!

  2. I love what you did with your face! The shibori ribbon looks great. It adds so much texture to the embroidery.

  3. Tanya, Wow I love your Lady she is beautiful. I love how you did her hair and the way it spills out on to the side. I had tried mine with the silk and was not pleased so I started over with something else. Thank you for participating in this challenge you did an awesome job.

  4. I like that she's a little off-center! It's as though she's daydreaming. I'm in awe of how you worked with your face and accented her so beautifully! The folds of the ribbon and the beadwork you've done giver her additional texture, movement, life! Fabulous work. :)

  5. Wow, Tanya! That's so incredibly beautiful. I love the off-center positioning, it just shows it's real (and rarely perfectly centered). Are those strands of beads around her face free? as in strands of hair?! The work you've done is amazing ~ I love how you added the silk strands, and the colour mix, everything :)

  6. First try? Amazing. I've been wanting to try the ribbon, too, but don't even know where to start. Love the dreads and how you brought out her personality. I think I've seen her somewhere.

  7. Every detail is something to look closer at and admire ~ her beautifully textured hair, her silk, her pearls, her shine. You really brought out all her beauty, Tanya! I am in awe of what you did with her. Gorgeous!
    I never heard of shibori ribbon so I just googled it now...very intrigued!

  8. She's really special and does look like a wise woman, elder, Shaman or Medicine Woman - well done!! And your work,!! Lovely, to say the least!! :-)

  9. It is such fun to see how we all came up with such different ideas for our faces -- and I absolutely love yours! She does look like an ancient wise woman, wrapped in her splendid colors and silk. And the off centered orientation looks like she's standing in a gentle breeze that's sweeping her hair and robes around her, while she listens to the wisdom of nature. Wow!

  10. Tanya your face does indeed look like a wise old woman. The shibori ribbon is the perfect compliment to your bead embroidery. Kudos to you for trying something new.

  11. I absolutely love your interpretation. When I looked at Cynthia's I felt her eyes might open. When I see yours I feel she is about to speak. Gorgeous!

  12. I really love your take on this focal ..... you've given her wonderful locks and a beautiful, colorful wrap! Simply LOVE the embroidery! She is really, really gorgeous