Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Colors

I have a habit of making pendants and then, instead of creating a necklace to display my new beauty, wander off into another project.

This pendant, unfortunately, was a casualty to such distraction.

This is the Granada pendant, created by Sabine Lippert of Try to Bead.  It worked up quickly and beautifully.  I think this was the first pattern I bought from Sabine and I've since bought a few more (dozen) tutorials. If you haven't checked out her blog or etsy shop, please do. Sabine's tutorials are very well done. Her instructions and diagrams are clear and the projects almost bead themselves.

So, getting back on track .. while in the midst of creating a necklace for the Limabeads challenge, I happened upon this rust colored sari ribbon I got from TandZ supplies.

The rust didn't work so well with the purples and limes from the Limabeads challenge beads, but remembered the Granada pendant still needed a home.  I quickly decided that the rust ribbon and the pendant should not be parted.  I laid both to the side of my table vowing to return.

And, I'm pleased to say, I have returned.  When I made the Granada pendant, I had thought to make a spiral rope to hang it from.  I still liked the idea of a beaded rope, but wanted the ribbon to shine through.

On a trip to my local bead store, I found a chain with very large circle and diamond links.  It seemed like a perfect match for the pendant.  I also grabbed a 10mm swarovski rivoli for the clasp.

I was very excited to discover that the rivoli fit perfectly into the diamond link.  I beaded a small bezel for the rivoli and and was able to attach a jump ring.

With my clasp figured out.  I then made myself sit down and work on the rest.  After a few (dozen) nights of playing around, stringing and unstringing, I came up with this:

I really wanted to have a seed bead strand in the necklace somewhere, but it wasn't meant to be.  I think the pearl/crystal strand does a good job of balancing out the ribbon.  There's a bit of chain in there, also.  I think this is a perfect fall necklace.  The rust and gold will compliment almost anything.

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  1. Pixiloo, This is beautiful! The necklace with the silk and beaded rope twisted together is the perfect home for the pendant, which by the way is stunning.