Monday, December 2, 2013

The 4th Annual Challenge of Color

I love this time of the year.  Erin Prais-Hintz's Challenge of Color is an event I have been looking forward to for several years now.

Each year, Erin chooses a color palette or palettes for the participants to play with and the results are always amazing.  The bracelet I made last year is still one of my favorites.

This time around, Erin asked us to either choose an existing palette from or create one with the tools on the colourlovers website.

There was a catch, though.  Erin asked that we choose our colors by names, such as "curry chicken" or "hot chocolate" and, after choosing the first color, we had to use the last word in each color's name as the first word in the next color's name.

For example, I made this palette:

The colors are:
  yellow silk sari
  sari full pink
  pink lemonade
  lemonade stand
  stand by your man

This challenge was a bit rough for me.  I made this palette, had the perfect pendant and a great vision, but couldn't make it work.

Since I was having so much trouble, I decided to change directions.  I scrapped what I had and started with a different pendant, this time one by Nancy Schindler Adams.  I created a new palette.

The colors are:
     burnt peach
     peach blossom
     blossoming blue
     dark blue green mist
     mist of unrest

I was going for an "earthy" theme and I love turquoise and brown together.

I decided to play to my strengths.  I was already short on time and didn't want to be scrambling at the last minute.  As has been my habit recently, I combined bead weaving and chain maille.

This time, I used Kat Wisniewski's "Rapid Track" bracelet, from Blue Buddha Boutique.

I combined the chain with a simple spiral rope.

The copper crystals bring out the browns in Nancy's pendant and I love how the brown and green melt into each other.

I couldn't be happier with how this necklace turned out.

The other palette is still in the back of my mind, though.  I'm hoping without a looming deadline, I can make something awesome.  :)

Erin, thank you for a lovely challenge.  As always, I had a great time.

Please take some time and visit Erin's blog and see what the other participants made with their chosen palettes.


  1. Your strengths are all showcased here~earthy, spirals and chain maille. This is gorgeous! That chain maille link is really cool! And the shape of that pendant really catches the eye. Beautiful piece all around, Tanya!

  2. You designed the perfect palette for beadweaving, and your necklace brings it to life. Love, love, love this design! (Hope everyone clicks on the photo to see the rich details.)

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Love the design and colors.

  4. Great palette and such a fine finished piece! Just beautiful!

  5. Love love love this!!! Your palettes are beautiful (especially the first one), and your necklace.....awesome. I love spiral rope and the way you did it, gorgeous. And the chain maille link is so clever.

  6. Oh my love the way you used the chain maille along with the other bead stitch. Very nice!!

  7. You never cease to amaze me! I love the three palettes you made and hope that you will come back and make more pieces! I also hope you enjoyed the challenge. I know that when I am stuck in a drab color rut, the ColourLovers website really helps propel me forward! I love the necklace you made. The colors are great but what I love most is your ability to mix these two very different techniques. The textures are awesome! That is a great pendant from Miss Nancy. I love her work and usually miss out on ordering it (although I already have a stash... I just want more!) Thank you so much for playing along with me in the 4th Annual Challenge of Color! Enjoy the day. Erin

  8. Your necklace is really beautiful. The palette really worked. I'd love to see what you create with the other ones!

  9. It may have been a bit of a winding road to get there, but I love the results -- the combination of bead weaving and chain maille is fabulous, particularly with the color blends. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  10. Not only is that palette stunning - but those designs pulled together just is freaking amazing! Great job!!!

  11. Man I love the way you do chain and spiral weaves! This is another GORGEOUS piece!

  12. Lovely necklace -- the combo of chain maille and beadweaving is just fab! And the colours are gorgeous!

  13. I love it when a chain changes patterns. Love the colors, love the design. Beautiful work.

  14. I love your 3 palettes. And I love the necklace you created too, it's beautiful.

  15. All of those palettes are stunning and I could certainly use each of them to create a design, however you the last one you picked is gorgeous, I love the natural earthy tone to the design, its simple and classic and beautifully done.