Saturday, December 14, 2013

3rd Annual Handcrafted Ornament Blog Swap and Hop

I'm sorry for posting late.  I had this post scheduled for the 15th for some reason.  :(

For the past few years, Sally Russick has hosted a handmade ornament swap.  I wasn't quick enough to get in on the swapping last year, but I had a good time hopping around and seeing the gorgeous ornaments.

This year, I jumped when I saw Sally's post.  I was paired with the lovely Sandi Volpe.  I have admired Sandi's work for some time and was lucky enough to win this necklace she made.  It has become a staple in my jewelry rotation.

It's it gorgeous?  Sandi made this for the Bead Soup Blog Party last summer.  You can see this and the other pieces Sandi made with her soup in her post.

Sandi is also an awesome metal worker.  You can see the pieces below and a few others in this blog post.

And check out this post to see an awesome pair of earrings.

Okay, on to the ornament.  I absolutely adore it.

Isn't the little penguin the cutest?

Sandi hand soldered the charm and it is double sided.

She completed the ornament with a vintage red bead and black sugar bead made by Raida from Havana Beads.

When I opened the package, I almost had to fight the kiddo.  She loved it so much she ran to hang it on the tree.  I wanted to look at it just a bit more.  :)

Sandi mentioned that she wanted to make something that the kiddo would like also.  I think she rocked it.  :)

Did I mention that Sandi also makes lampwork beads and enameled beads?  She was gracious enough to send a few along with her ornament.  She also included a pendant from Karen Totten of Starry Road Studios.

Sandi, thank you so much!  I love the ornament and cannot wait to use the beads you sent.

Sallly, thank you for hosting.  I am so glad I was able to take part.

If you would like to see the ornaments I sent to Sandi, please visit her blog.

Also, please take some time to visit the participants and see the ornaments they received.
Tanya Goodwin (you are here) and Sandi Volpe


  1. You received a wonderful ornament Tanya!

  2. Oh heavens girl! What a pile of goodness. I adore the two-sided piece. Raida is one of my favorite lampwork artists, such a cool bead. How very precious of Sandi to send some specials for the kiddo. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Such fun! That penguin looks so fat and sassy! I had to look closer to see the details of the sugar bead, too.

    What a great package to receive in the mail.

  4. Oh what a fun ornament - I just love the penguin - and I can see why the kiddo ran off with it :) What a great ornament for both you and the kiddo to enjoy! Have fun with the beads that you received!

  5. Sandi is awesome isn't she?! We met as swap partners years ago and have been friends since! So adorable with the penguin! and a very pretty selection of treasures as well!

  6. What a darling ornament Sandi created for you! I love Sandi's glass soldered creations! Very sweet she included some additional goodies in your package too! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  7. Oh my, that is the cutest little penguin!!!! And two-sided, love the wrapping job she did, too! This is totally precious!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  8. Sandi is an awesome person and a terrific artist! I have some of her soldered pendants.....she's great. I love yours!

  9. Sandi's ornament is so unique. I am a softie for penguins and then the red vintage bead really draws your eye. You could have used it for the Pop of Red post! I agree about the metal work - it is inspiring. Happy Holidays!

  10. Hi Tanya,
    The ornament that Sandi sent to you is so darn cute, I love the little penguin. I do not blame the kido for wanting to hang it on the tree as soon as she saw it. The other goodies she sent to you are beautiful and I know you will make something gorgeous with them.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours,

  11. Tanya, the ornament that Sandi created just for you is beautiful! So fun! I love Sandi's soldering and extra goodies to play with are always such a nice surprise!

    Thank you so much for participating in the swap!! Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  12. What a simply cute ornament....I truly love the bead with the penguin! So beautiful with the red and the wire cool to hang on your tree!

  13. That penguin is so cute! e you have a wonderful holiday season!

  14. Sandi's penguin ornament is wonderful. You are lucky to have it. I really like what you did with the spools. I want to try something with spools now.