Saturday, March 10, 2012

i heart macro sunday

This week has been a bit of a blur.  The kiddo was sick, and my assurances that moms don't get sick didn't do me much good.  Even my husband fell prey to the flu.  We are all doing better (finally) and looking forward to getting out of the house next week.

This winter has been so mild, it almost seems as though we moved from Fall

to Spring.

Hopefully, when we finally get out of the house, we will have some nice weather.

studio waterstone


  1. Oh I cannot wait until the bugs are out here. Your post really makes me hunger for summer! Beautiful!

  2. Nice macro shots.

    Regards and best wishes

  3. I hope everyone is starting to feel better! Love the macro shots especially of the bee - must be the theme :)

  4. Super cool shots! I especially love the last one. The vibrant contrast between the gorgeous pink/fuchsia flower and the green/yellow on the bug is awesome!

  5. Tanya,
    What a bummer that all of you got sick well at least it was at one time and now it is on the tail end. You are so right there really hasn't been a winter at all and now my car is covered in pollen. Love the shots the grasshopper one is fantastic.

  6. I'm dying for Spring!!! Those shots make me want it more! Glad your feeling better!

  7. We never really got winter here either. I'm okay with that I think. I'm glad you and the family are doing better. I do love your pictures. That one of the grasshopper is just so adorable!!