Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beading Babes Project 4 - Progress

We have almost a month until the Beading Babes Project 4 reveal.  I am in a much better position this month than I was in last month when Karyn very graciously gave us a few weeks extension.

We have three projects this month.  The first one was Paisley Drops, designed by Jane Lock.  The pattern for these earrings was published in the August/September 2010 issue of Beadwork Magazine.

I did these in two colorways because I really liked this pattern.  It was quick and easy and the result was beautiful.  I didn't think to take "in progress" pictures, so you are left with just a tease for now.

Our second project was the Ruffled Chain Bracelet by Laina Goodman.  It was published in the February/March 2011 issue of Beadwork.  Again, I can only offer a tease of the finished bracelet.

Our final project was a special one.  Nancy Dale was kind enough to provide us with her Trellis Necklace pattern.  Nancy has this pattern and more available in her etsy store.

I found this awesome African metal bead at a local bead store.  I quickly snapped it up, but couldn't decide how to use it.  Nancy's Trellis Necklace provided a wonderful opportunity to showcase this bead.

I found a few smaller metal beads to use as accents in place of the pearls in Nancy's pattern.

Because the metal beads have much larger holes, I had to improvise a bit.  After finishing a section of right angle weave base, I continued with size 15 seed beads in a circular peyote stitch.  The resulting rope was just the right size to fit into the metal beads.  I was then able to switch back to right angle weave without too much trouble.

My color inspiration comes from this bead in the African Slave Beads section of  I saw it and fell in love with the colors.

I'm working on the right angle weave base of the rope and cannot wait to add the black, tan and cream embellishment.

This is one of the first times in which my vision played out perfectly in the beaded world.  I didn't have to unstring or restitch.  (Yes, that's me doing the "happy dance.")

I hope you'll join us in a month for our Beading Babes project 4 reveal.  If you want more information on Beading Babes, click here to visit the Beading Babes page on Karyn's blog, Releases by Rufydoof.  Karyn also has links to our first three projects on her sidebar, just in case you want to bask in the glow of beady goodness.  :)


  1. Wow Tanya, I really can not wait to see the finished necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Your necklace is going to be fabulous and really thinking out of the design box.

  2. such beautiful work of art...ahhh I wish I had time to create some too...