Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Bead Table Blog Hop 2

Once again, Lisa Lodge of A Grateful Artist is hosting a wonderful challenge.

This time around, her choice of beads was inspired by the sea and the sand.  The beads I received were gorgeous shades of blues and greens with a bit of purple mixed in.

Lisa also added a few larger beads

and a few glass shards.

I used the sea glass first and channeled my inner Staci Louise.  Staci is amazingly talented and works in metal, clay and anything else you might imagine.  Definitely check out her jewelry shop and her component shop.

I love how Staci sometimes rivets a clay component to a flat copper sheet.  I didn't have rivets, so I tried wire wrapping.

The next thing I grabbed were some gorgeous triangle beads I dug out of the soup.  As I was pondering what to do with them, a tutorial for a pair of cubic right angle weave earrings by Marcia DeCoster came to mind.

I paired the triangle beads with luminous green Swarovski crystals and some scraps of chain I had laying around.

The idea for incorporating the chain came from Jill Wiseman's "Bohemian Earrings" in her book, Beautiful Beaded Ropes.

These earrings are long, dangly and fun to wear.

After completing the earrings, I saw a bag of moss green peanut beads on my desk.  They looked great with the soup beads.  I wasn't quite sure what to do, though, and started leafing through Bohemian Inspired Jewelry, by Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel.

I saw Lorelei's "How Does Your Garden Grow" necklace and found the perfect solution.  Lorelei had used double strands of drop beads between larger beads.  I substituted my peanut beads and found the perfect clasp by Melinda Orr.

I really love this bracelet.

After I finished the bracelet, I decided to tackle the large purple round.  I just started bezeling the round with seed beads.  I didn't really have a plan, but I am pleased with the result.

I found a scrap of leather cord and loved how it looked with the focal.  I tried several things with the leather, but ended up leaving it plain and added a string of seed beads and chain.

The necklace itself is very simple, but I love how it compliments the focal.

Finally, I  returned to the soup.  I wanted to use the remaining beads to create a necklace using one of the sea glass pendants.  I created a beaded rope and loved how it looked.

The different beads look great together.

Unfortunately, the rope didn't work as a necklace.  Instead, I strung one of the larger green rounds in the center and made a second bracelet.

I am especially pleased with this bracelet.  I have enough beads left (I think) to make a second bracelet.  This might be my next project because the kiddo liked this one so much that she promptly claimed it for her own.

Lisa, thank you for another great challenge.  I love how your soups push me a bit out of my comfort zone.

Please take some time to hop around and see what the other participants made with their soups.

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  1. Completely awesome and so inspiring! I love every single piece, Tanya! (Wonderful photography too!)

    That Kiddo gets to wear some mighty fine jewelry! :-)

  2. Beautiful! I really love the bracelet.

  3. You did a wonderful job on everything!

  4. Oh heavens, what a pile of creativity! As I scrolled down, I kept saying,"This is my fav" then I'd see the next one! I love both bracelets, so very cool! And that bezel on the necklace made me think of a sea urchin. And the simple stringing on it was just right. Well done Tanya!

  5. Tanya, I love them all! I couldn't believe how much you squeezed out of your initial beads from Lisa... talk about unlimited inspiration! I am in awe of your beading skills. Those earrings... those bracelets... wow!

  6. You did an awesome job with your soup, I too kept saying this one is my favorite until I saw the next piece. I particularly love the wrap you did with the small beads on the last bracelet.

  7. Each piece is so gorgeous! My favorites are the earrings and the last bracelet your daughter claimed. :)

  8. I love love love the pieces you have made.. The colors of the ocean always cheer me up for some reason.

  9. I love all of the different designs you made with your soup. I especially love the beaded rope bracelet, I can see why your kiddo snatched it right up!

  10. What gorgeous diversity! Love how you tried so many techniques. Beautiful work!

  11. Tanya your pieces are beautiful. I want to say the last bracelet is my favorite but truthfully I love them all. You created some wonderful pieces.

  12. You beadweavers never cease to amaze me with what you can create! These are lovely- and such a variety of techniques to boot! Christie

  13. Tanya - I always look forward to seeing awesome creativity when you create jewelry, and you definitely delivered! I love each of these pieces. The last bracelet is my fav of the bunch. Wonderful!! Thanks for being in the hop!

  14. Tanya I just love what you came up with. It always amazes me when we get close to the same soup yet our ideas are so different.

  15. Great work - I really love that last bracelet.

  16. I could just keep looking at your beadwork all day! you really are amazing with needle and thread!

  17. Beautiful, all your pieces took me to the sea!

  18. My gosh you are a bead soup dynamo! Every piece you did was different from the last :) nice nice post and designs :)

  19. I think the second bracelet is my favorite, although I really like the earrings too...and the necklace because it looks like a seashell...oh heck. I'm jealous you get to wear it all now.

  20. Love all the creative things you did with your soup! The no-rivet wire solution with the sea glass on copper sheet is really inspired, and everything else wows me too!