Saturday, August 11, 2012

i heart macro

Last week, I mentioned that we had spent a few days vacationing in Estes Park.

On one of those days, my husband and his dad spent a day hiking to Bluebird Lake.  When they returned, my husband said, "I took so many pictures that you now have macro posts for the next few months."  I was a bit surprised that he remembered my blog and pleased that he thought to take pictures for me.

These are pictures I probably would never have been able to take as my husband and father in-law hiked about 6 miles (one way) over trails, through streams and around rocks and boulders.

I love the colors on this one.  The dark purple against the green background is pretty enough, but the splotch of yellow just adds so much.

I don't know much about marmots, but this one looks like he was posing.

For more macro goodness, check out Studio Waterstone

studio waterstone


  1. I just posted my entry, then started looking at the others. You were first up. Seems the Kansans are focused on Colorado this week! :-)

    You know me, I'm loving the purple flowers in every shade! (Not sure I've seen a marmot, so thanks for including that one!)

  2. Beautiful pictures. I always love seeing what catches other people's eyes.

  3. I love the deep purple flowers! Verry pretty!

  4. Great captures...and I love the marmot!

  5. Oh you bring back the memories of all those years we spent in Colorado...I love Columbines. Marmots and their squeeky calls....I do need a trip west!