Saturday, August 25, 2012

i heart macro Sunday - Back to School

This was the kiddo's first full week of school.  We've slowly been settling into a new routine which includes walking to and from school.

The kiddo is psyched to walk to school.

On the way, we pass her favorite tree, a neighbor's blue spruce, and  talk about what we think the day will bring.

We say "good morning" to the crossing guard, a sweet woman who greets us with a big smile every morning.  She makes a point to address everyone, adults and children, by name.

We cross the small bridge that the kiddo has loved to run over since she was old enough to, well, run.

Shading the bridge is the largest willow tree I have ever seen.

I walk her to the classroom, make sure to get my hug, and am usually half way home when I hear the school bell.

The kiddo is in half day kindergarten, so I pick her up around lunchtime.  The classroom opens to a small patio on the front of the school.  All of us moms and dads wait by a nearby flagpole for the teacher to lead the children out to the patio for dismissal.

The walk home is my favorite part of the day.  The kiddo chatters about all the things she did in class.  She tells me how many stars the class earned (10 stars = a special treat) and about extra curricular of the day (music, art, gym, etc.).  I love to see her so excited and hear about her day!

I apologize that the majority of these were not macro shots.  If you would like to see some awesome macro goodness, check out Studio Waterstone

studio waterstone


  1. Tanya - this is such a delightful pictorial about the walk to & from school! What an exciting time for you and your daughter!

  2. What a lovely way to have some beautiul bonding moments. Makes every day so special. Lovely photo's and I enjoyed the walk with you.

  3. Macro or not - they're very nice. And the walk to school looks like such a beatiful one, too. Makes me remember the walk to school w/my son when he was that age - thanks for that wonderful memory this morning!

  4. Nice shots! I love the color of the blue spruce.