Saturday, May 26, 2012

i heart macro Sunday

I tested for 1st degree brown belt a few days ago.

Somehow, it ended up that I did not have to spar for my previous tests.  I made up for it with this one, though.  There's something very intimidating about sparring the head instructor (with three decades of experience compared to my piddly four years).

Don't worry.  With the exception of a few (okay, several) new bruises, I'm none the worse for wear.  I'm actually proud of how I did.

I started 3rd brown with three stripes on my belt.  One was removed when I tested for 2nd brown and the second was removed when I attained 1st brown.  You can see the tape residue marking the stripes that are gone, but not forgotten.

For more macro goodness, check out Studio Waterstone.

studio waterstone


  1. Hey!
    I love seeing your 'I heart macro' posts, I love the pictures, but there has been something that is bugging me that I don't want to ask anyone else because they might make fun of me...

    What is macro?!

    From what I have seen it's close up pictures of stuff, but everyone seems to be going on about it :P lol


  2. And I must ask, what are pictures 2 and 3 of? Great photos, but I have no idea what these are! Inquiring mind wants to know! :-) Congrats on the brown belt!

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