Friday, May 25, 2012

A Collaborated Fairy Tale

I was delighted to see that Erin Prais-Hintz, from Treasures Found, was chosen by Vintaj to be a storybook artbead partner.  Erin created several Simple Truth pendants to correlate with the storybook theme.  You can find them here in her etsy shop.  I highly suggest you take a look.

Seriously, how gorgeous is that?

Keeping with the storybook theme, a few weeks ago, Erin started a simple fairy tale on her blog and invited her readers to continue the story.  Many of us joined in the fun and the comments flew in.  After the electronic dust settled, Erin took all the comments and created a cohesive story.

Grab a cup of tea and read the story.  It's a wonderful tale filled with twists and turns and a wonderful mystical land called Vintaj.  I'm amazed that so many different people could create such a story.  And props to Erin for taking the time to put all the comments into such beautiful prose.

Also, check Erin's blog on May 31st for her Challenge of Literature blog hop.  I really cannot wait to see the beautiful creations inspired by different stories and poems.

I'll leave you with one of Erin's Simple Truths:


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