Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Words for 2012

I've seen several blog posts in which the author chose a word for 2012.  This word sets the tone for the new year, giving the author a goal or an inspiration.  I've decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Last summer, I tested for 3rd brown in my karate system and moved into advanced classes.  I was a bit intimidated, to say the least.  I was in the same class as 2nd and 3rd dans.  I wanted to prove to myself that I belonged in that class.  I realized I needed to focus on three things:
  • strength - both of mind and of body
  • spirit - the willingness to keep trying and the resolve to make oneself better
  • understanding - it's easy to "do" a kata, but knowing the application of each action allows one to "live" the kata (a poor interpretation of this blog post by Charles C. Goodin)

This year, I'm moving toward 1st brown and 1st black is looming in 2013.  I feel like a beginner all over again.  My words for 2012:


  1. These are great words. I love that there is a connection to what you are accomplishing, that it will help further your goals. I am going to write that post of mine as well. I have already settled on a word, I just need to give it some thought. Enjoy the day!

  2. Tanya, First congratulations on 3rd Brown that is wonderful. I know how you feel being this close to black and I cheer you on. These three words are excellent words not just for karate, but in everything that you do a wife, a mother, and a jewelry artist! You go girl! It has been a real treat getting to know you through the blogs.