Saturday, January 21, 2012

I heart macro Sunday

I'm still a little confused by and grateful for these 60 degree January days.  Last weekend, the kiddo and I visited the playground close to our house for some winter fun.  

Since the kiddo was able to walk, she toddled down to this playground, usually leading whoever walked with her.  On the way, she always stopped at the same blue spruce.  Today, she usually runs further ahead of her companion, but still stops at this beautiful tree.

When the kiddo was little, the swing was her favorite.  I was so excited when she moved out of the baby swing and into the "big girl" version.

Then there is the jungle gym that she gathered the courage to climb.

She also loves the step ladder thing that leads to the slide.  It only took her a few tries before she didn't need help.

Speaking of the slide, she does love company as she speeds down.

She is a natural at the chain ladder/net thing.

She's still hasn't quite got the "hang" of those hanging hoops that you grab and move yourself from one to the other.  (I have no idea what they are called.)  I have no doubt, however, that by the summer, I won't be able to get her down from those things.

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  1. What a fun post and fabulous photos! The blue spruce is my favorite fir tree.

  2. great post! and lovely photos ... loving those pink boots. I have 2 girls ... and lots of pink in my life :)

  3. Lovely shots of your visit to the playground! Those pink boots are awesome :)

  4. Love your macro shots!! Have a great week ahead!