Saturday, January 14, 2012

i heart macro Sunday

There seems to be a new obsession in our house:  tea.

For Christmas, I gave my husband a few different loose leaf teas along with a tea strainer.  The next thing I knew, I was back at the tea store picking up a few more varieties for him.

His favorite thus far is a rooibus tea:

The kiddo has also developed a taste for herbal tea (well, she loves to smell it after it has brewed and will sip a small amount and rub her tummy).  She likes the blueberry and orange:

I have never liked tea, but I have developed a fondness (much to my husband's delight) for a mate chai and a white chai:

The different colors and textures of each tea are just beautiful.

And who can resist German rock sugar?  For a treat, add one little bit for just a touch of sweetness.

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  1. OH my heavens.....YUMMY! I love your photos of the loose tea. German rock sugar is the BEST! My two favorite tea places are Teavana and Fava tea! I love tea!

  2. I swear...I was just about to go and make myself a cup of tea!!!! Now, I have to! Must look into German Rock Sugar..I have never heard of it!

  3. The tea photos are fantastic! I have never developed a taste for coffee but drink tea like crazy! I tried the German rock sugar at a tea shop and loved it. It really was a treat.

  4. Great photos of these yummy looking teas. I have recently grown very fond of a chai tea that is sold in the Dallas area at Central Market, which is so fun to go shopping at. That German rock sugar looks awesome with the tea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I never liked coffee, but TEA... Indeed! And what wonderful photos they turned out to be!

  6. Those are beautiful! who knew loose tea was so pretty?! I've never tried them loose but those germain sugar rocks look yummy!

  7. ahhh! you must be a Tevana fan! :) German rock sugar and white chai has become my absolute favorite this winter. Love your photos of the teas and rocks. :)