Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tumbling Tiles

A few weeks ago I won a pattern from Marcy Abney, from La Bella Joya.  I chose her Tumbling Tiles bracelet.

This was such an easy pattern to work.  I loved working around the circle of the bangle.  I made two versions.  For the first one, I used matte black tilas on the inside and shiny black on the outside.  I liked the bit of contrast.

As I worked through Marcie's design, I can tell a great deal of thought (and probably lots of trial and error) went into it.  I love how this bangle keeps its shape.  The embellishment is not only beautiful, but also functional.  Plus, it worked up very quickly.  I love instant gratification.

When I started my second bangle, I tought I would use the same color tila beads on the inside and on the outside of the bracelet.  Unfortunately, I didn't quite have enough beads.  I was about to head to the bead store when I reminded myself that I had all kinds of beads in the office.  Was there any way I could make this work without buying more beads?

(Okay, I have to confess:  that last part was for my husband.  As a non beader, he wonders how I could possibly need more beads.)  In this case, I decided to try something different rather than buying more tilas.  After a bit of searching, I found some lovely round pyrite beads.

So, Tumbling Tiles became more of a Studded Round.  Instead of embellishing the outside with tila beads, I used size 15 and 8 seed beads.  There was just enough room in the center to add the pyrite.

Technically, this isn't a bangle.  It doesn't have the stability in its core and doesn't keep its shape.  The pyrite beads are a bit too heavy and the seed bead embellishment doesn't strengthen the bracelet like the tila beads do.  I like how it looks, though, and may restring it and add a clasp.

Marcie, thank you again for the pattern.  I love how easy it was to do and how versatile it is.


  1. I like both of the bracelets the one where you followed the tutorial is very pretty. I have this tutorial it is one of the first one I bought from Marcie. I like your inventiveness on the second bracelet way to go. You took an idea that started as someone else's and made it yours and it is beautiful I really like your color choices.

  2. Beautiful! I'm glad you got fancy with it! (even if there were some structural issues!) Trust me, trial and error is the only way to make thing work. It looks lovely and lucky Miss Marla with a new bangle for her wrist! Wonderful work and thanks so much for the feedback!