Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Recently, I've been playing around with Cindy Holsclaw's Double Pinwheel Beaded Beads.

These guys are so cute and bead up in a snap.

Cindy gives directions for five different sizes, which is great for something like this.

This necklace is inspired by Erin Siegel's "Greenwish Punk Necklace" in her book, Punk Chic Jewelry.  I loved the design and whipped up a quick half Persian 3 in 1 chain to complete the necklace.

However, the pinwheel beads seemed to large for the smaller chain.

I made a larger chain using the same weave and I think it works much better.

I also made a small pair of pinwheel beads and paired them with charms from Sharyl's Jewelry.

I thought they turned out nicely.

You can find more of Sharyl's charms and beads in her artfire store.

Cindy sells her tutorials and kits in her store, Bead Origami.

Erin has other tutorials for sale in her etsy shop and her book is available here on Amazon.


  1. Very very cool necklace!!! They go so well with the chain you chose to make, especially the larger one. Just fab!!

  2. Lovely texture in this piece - you've so perfectly combined metal and glass, and shiny vs matte. And now you have an extra bit of chain to inspire another project!

  3. Very neat! I love working with some of the new style of beads....I will have to take a look at their patterns.

  4. um, kinda of loving the pin wheels! beautiful