Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another Michaels Challenge!

I was so excited to see Heather Powers and Lorelei Eurto were hosting another Michaels challenge.

Heather picked out the beadss using this as her inspiration.

The colors in the paisley fabric are so awesome!  And Heather picked out the perfect beads to match!

(Both of these are Heather's photos.  I completely forgot to take a photo of the beads before I started playing.)

I love the fuschia and the blues and greens -- gorgeous colors and ones I seldom choose for myself.

When I got these beads, I had been playing with Gwen Fisher's Conway Bead design.  I whipped up a few, thinking it would be fun to include them.

The Conway beads are slightly bigger than the large green beads, but I think they work well.

I also used the white rondelles and the brown cube beads along with the green ones.

I made a half Persian 3 in 1 chain to go with the beads and managed to create a necklace.  :)

After I finished this, I realized that I pulled the beads I was most comfortable with -- green, brown, earthy tones.  I added a bit of pink to the beaded beads, but conveniently forgot the pink and blue Michaels beads.

I grabbed those beads -- jewel tones I don't usually work with -- and decided to create something with those.

I turned to a favorite pattern from Sabine Lippert and used the pink beads to create a Bollywood version of her Granada pendant.  (You can find the pattern for this in Sabine's book, Beaded Fantasies.)

I wanted to make an elaborate necklace to showcase the pendant and tried several different things, none of which seemed right to me.

In the end, I went with something simpler.

I love the green sari ribbon.

These are colors I never ever .. ever would have chosen and I am so pleased with how this turned out.

I took a part of the Granada pendant and made a single components.  They made great earrings.

At one point during my necklace trials, I made a few drops with the blue/gold beads.  Not one to let anything go to waste, I whipped up this simple pair of earrings.

I was sad that I didn't find a use for the brown rectangle flower beads.  However, I did use them in the last Michaels challenge.  That counts, right?

Heather and Lorelei, thank you for a fun challenge!  I have a new favorite necklace thanks to the two of you!

Please check Heather's blog for the link up and see what the other participants did with these beads.


  1. Great pieces! I love that first necklace.My favorite color to work with is green. And that beaded bead is gorgeous.Your earrings are so sweet and fun. And your bead work on the second necklace is fabulous!
    Don't forget to link up on Heather's Blog

  2. Oh my heavens what gorgeous pieces! I love the conway beads! So pretty in with the green beads!

  3. I always leave here smiling...your work is so beautiful. I will have to go looking at patterns.. really like the Granada focal necklace. I would steal those earring in a heartbeat....

  4. Beautiful designs! I agree the conway beads are perfect! You bead weaving skills just shined in this challenge,

  5. Tanya, I love your pieces! Both necklaces are gorgeous and could easily be dressed up for a cocktail party or dressed casual with jeans! Stunning!

  6. Hi Tanya! This is my first visit to your blog & Wow! I'm so glad that I stopped by! I absolutely love all of the pieces! That second necklace is gorgeous & I love the earrings too! I love the first necklace too! You have a great eye for design! Thank you!

  7. Gorgeous! Both of your necklaces are so beautiful! I really love how you used the sari ribbon in the second one, a perfect finish and it really lets your beautiful beadwork shine.

  8. I just adore the beaded beads! That second necklace with the bollywood vibe is my favorite. It is exotic but also classic with a twist! I do love the way the chain swags on that one. Thanks for sharing your designs! Enjoy the day. Erin

  9. These are beautiful. I love the beaded pendant necklace - perfect showcase for those gorgeous pink beads. Great job!

  10. Wow! Really great designs and beautiful application. I really like how you applied the bright beads and pulled the fuschia in the first necklace!

  11. Oh my! You really did a great job of using those beads! I love each and everyone you did. My favorite is the pink, no the green, just saying I love them all!

  12. Oh wow - your pieces are just lovely! I really love that first necklace!

  13. I must also say WOW! The Bollywood necklace is my fave of the whole blog. You hit it out of the park! Great Job!

  14. Such beautiful work! I love your beaded (Conway) beads and the copper chain is wonderful. I love your earrings especially the blue corkscrew ones!

  15. Great designs! The beaded beads sure add a fun and unique touch.

  16. Holy smokes! These are great! I love the pendant! It has such a jewel like quality and it lends well to the candy color of the pinks. All of your creations were just divine. Lovely job!