Friday, September 6, 2013

Focusing on Life - 35 of 52

For week 35, Sally asked us to focus on growth and change.

This was another hard one for me.

The kiddo started first grade this year -- and is now at school for a full day.  This is a big change for her.  She is tired in the afternoon and doesn't have as much "play" time as she did.

It's also a change for me.  I now have almost seven hours to myself every day.  What to do with all that time?

My mother said she would clean the house.  I seriously thought she was kidding.  Clean the house?  Maybe for an hour, but not all day.

I tried sitting around all day and beading or watching tv, but that gets boring in a hurry.

Finally, I decided to try something new -- running.

So, I always said that "I don't run."  What I really meant was, "I don't like to run because I can't run for more than a few seconds."  I have allergies and asthma, neither of which is conducive to running long distances.

I started reading about Zombies, Run! and thought, "this might be fun."  I downloaded the 5k  training app and went for a run walk with some jogging sprinkled in.

I was a bit discouraged that first day, but I am getting better and can run for almost 3 minutes without stopping!

More than that, though, I am looking forward to getting outside and running a bit.  This might have more to do with me wanting to play more missions on the app, but, hey, anything that works, right?

Please check out Sally's blog to see how the other participants interpreted their growth this week.


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