Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Intricate Chain Maille part 2

Last month, I shared my version of  Rebeca Mojica's "Intricate Chain Maille."  I also mentioned that I bought a kit for my mom.

I finished mom's bracelet a bit differently than I finished mine.

As a result, mom's bracelet will lie flat, whereas mine would not.

Her bracelet is also not as puffed up in the middle.

I don't usually like to buy kits.  I like to choose my own colors and substitute different sizes or types of beads.

I would, however, absolutely recommend this kit from Blue Buddha Boutique.  The kit contains at least 50% more rings than are called for in the pattern.  This offers a versatility in color patterns and in how you can finish the bracelet.

"Intricate Chain Maille" builds around a slightly bigger version of Rebeca's "Coiled Butterfly" pattern.  (You can find "Coiled Butterfly" on Blue Buddha Boutique's website here or in the Fall 2012 issue of Wirework magazine.  To weave the "Intricate Chain Maille" bracelet, I think you need both patterns.)

Once you start building around the "Coiled Butterfly," the sky is the limit.  In both bracelets, I used the larger rings (dark blue on the left and purple on the right) along the edges.  This was not specified in the pattern, but since I had the extra rings, I wanted to put them to good use.

I had a great time playing with both bracelets and love that they look so different.

If you are interested in chain maille, check out Rebeca's store, Blue Buddha Boutique.  Blue Buddha offers a wide variety of patterns and kits.  (I want to try about ten of them.) 

You can also find Rebeca's book, Chained, on Amazon or on the Blue Buddha website.  Blue Buddha also offers kits for most of the patterns in the book.


  1. I am having an "enie meanie miney mo" moment (sp?!) I cannot choose which version I like the best-they are both so gorgeous! I may have to break down and buy a kit myself!

    Really beautiful work!

  2. These bracelets are both beautiful! I love Rebecca's designs and I agree with you about kits. I don't usually like buying kits because I like to change colors and patterns. But, I think I may just have to buy one of Rebecca's kits. Anyway, these bracelets are just great!