Saturday, September 15, 2012

i heart macro Sunday

It seems as if the heat has finally let up.  We even saw rain this week.  Yes, really .. rain!

The kiddo and I were able to take her grandparents to the arboretum for an afternoon.  The kiddo loved showing Grandma and Grandpa her favorite spots and was equally excited to point out a few butterflies hovering around a flower.  I was excited that these particular butterflies wanted to pose for me.

For more macro goodness, check out Studio Waterstone

studio waterstone


  1. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with the grandparents! These are beautiful shots. I love the angle of the second one.

  2. Such pretty shots.. always nice when nature is so obliging!

  3. Wonderful! I haven't spotted any butterflies, but not sure I have anything around to attract them. These are lovely!

    I AM enjoying all the green again though! "Hi" to the Kiddo!

  4. love that last picture! looks like the butterfly is just tap dancing on the flowers.

  5. Wonderful butterflies! Sounds like you had an awesome afternoon together.