Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sari Bangle

When I found Pinterest, the first thing that grabbed my eye was a picture of these bangles.  I loved them and was not surprised to see they were from Miss Fickle Media.  I love Shannon's work and she is such an inspiration to those of us not familiar with hammers and heavy gauge wire.

What I didn't realize was that Shannon had created a tutorial for these bangles and sells it in her etsy shop.

I read over the tutorial several times and gathered materials.  While scoping out potential focals, I came across this connector from Nancy Schindler of the Rabbit Muse.

I followed Shannon's tutorial and created the bangle base, then wrapped it with sari ribbon and wire.

This bangle was so easy to make and I just love the result.  Banging on wire with the hammer was pretty fun too.  :)

Shannon, thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial!


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