Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mini Charm Challenge from LaBellaJoya

You might have heard me talk about Marcie Abney in the past.  Marcie is an amazing bead artist and designer.  You can see some of her work and her tutorials in her etsy shop.

I read several blogs and like getting to "know" someone through a blog or through an email or two.  As such, I am always happy to see a design by someone I know in a publication--Beadwork Magazine, in this case.

Marcie's Moroccan Charm design was published in the April/May issue of Beadwork Magazine.  It is a cute and versatile pattern that works up quickly and can be used in almost anything.

A few weeks ago, Marcie challenged us to create a version of her Moroccan Charm and create something with it.

I made a few charms, which were very easy to do, by the way, but no inspiration hit me.  Last night, I picked it up again (right under the wire, so to speak).

I made these cute charms.

And then, using Marcie's pattern as inspiration, I tried something a bit different.

I added some links from Miss Fickle Media.

I couldn't find jumprings, so I made a few.

Note to self:  buy new flush wire cutters
Note to husband:  I am not buying new flush wire cutters
Note to readers:  don't look closely at the jumprings

Here's the finished product:

If you want to see more wonderful designs that use this charm, check out Marcie's blog.  Marcie has posted pictures of all the participants' projects.

Marcie, thank you for suggesting the challenge.  It was fun!


  1. Tanya,
    This was a fun and easy pattern. I love what you designed with Marcie's charm and that focal piece is gorgeous.

  2. Love how you took the basic inspiration and made it something truly yours. Beautiful!

  3. Love Marcie -- she was my Bead Soup Blog Party partner! And I'm particularly fond of the second piece! Excellent work!

  4. Oh this is just wonderful. The focal is so oh my!!