Friday, August 8, 2014

Sunburst pendants

A few months ago, Paula from Flutterby Kisses created a chain maille pendant that mimics wirework.

After much begging (and not just from me), she created a tutorial for her Sunburst Pendant and it has gone viral.

Every day, it seems, someone posts a rendition of Paula's design.  Both Blue Buddha and C and T Designs have created kits for a smaller version of Paula's pendant.

My in-laws were kind enough to give me Blue Buddha's copper and brown sunburst kit for my birthday.  I love Blue Buddha's kits because there always seem to be extra rings.  Instead of the three pendants promised, I made five!

I played around with the pendants and liked the way they looked linked together.

I added two herringbone ropes and a necklace was born.

I wanted to use a sunburst for a clasp, but it just didn't work.  Instead, I tried a little wire wrapping.

If you want to make a sunburst of your own, you can find Paula's tutorial here.  You do need the tutorial if you buy the kits from Blue Buddha or C and T designs.


  1. This is fantastic, Tanya! I love the sunburst pattern and I love how you've combined it with a beaded necklace. Your wire wrapped clasp is great too!

  2.! I adore mixing beadweaving with other materials, and this is definitely a match made in heaven! The colors in your ropes complement that gorgeous chain maille pattern perfectly. I do not have the hands for chain maille, but I love the look of it. I can totally see why her pattern went viral.

  3. Hi Tanya,
    Love your necklace! I tried chain maille and it about drove me crazy but I stuck with it and the necklace turned out to be beautiful with the chain maille and beadwork. I will be checking out the links you provided.

  4. wow that is gorgeous Tanya! and such a unique chainmaille ... I can see why you guys were persistent in getting that tutorial!