Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pieces and Parts

It all started when I won a giveaway from Tracee Dock of the Classic Bead.  Tracee was kind enough to send a gorgeous pendant and coordinating leather from her shop.

I wanted to use the dark purple leather Tracee sent and made this.

But, something wasn't quite right.  I didn't like the leather like I thought I would and I didn't like how I wirewrapped the ends.

Instead, I grabbed a piece of chain maille left over from who knows what and made this.

I like this much better.  I used Miss Fickle Media's violet patina on the chain and I like the softer purple.  It works much better with the colors of seed beads I chose.

I still wanted to use the leather, so I paired it with this pendant, also by Tracee.

Again, it didn't work.  I also didn't like the beaded part.  It was way to pink.

It looked perfect with this pendant by Marsha Neal, though.

I also added a few beads from Genea and Sue Beads.

I like the little bit of asymmetry.

But, back to the leather.

I dug out this pendant by Staci Louise.

Of course, the leather was a bit too short for what I wanted to do, so I paired it with another bit of chain maille.

I used the same violet patina on the chain maille portion.  I love the purple color.  I also mixed in a bit of mica powder (also from Miss Fickle Media).

I used a little less patina and a little more mica powder on the swirl.  I love how the tye dye look matches the pendant.

I still have that green pendant on my table, so I will likely find a use for it.  Stay tuned!


  1. Holy cow! Those are all gorgeous pieces. Beautiful work!

  2. I have the entire kit of MissFickle's patinas and have never once used that. I should really find a new home for that, not sure if it goes bad over time?! I love what you did with each of these stunning art beads. But your chainmaille and your beadweaving are works of art as well! A perfect blend! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Swoon. You have just caused me to swoon. What a wonderful reminder that we have permission to take things apart until they actually work.

    Pardon me now, while I go pick my jaw up off the floor.

  4. Beautiful work Tanya as always, you have a real eye for color.

  5. I LOVE all of them! I love the chain maille with the patina on it!

  6. such lovely pieces. You know, I'd never thought of hanging pendents on beadwoven ropes! I love the way you've mixed the beadweaving with different elements, especially the wire work scroll

  7. You know I love your creation using the Staci Louise pendant! It's just so marvelous ("perfect") in every aspect! But now I can say the same for all the other pieces too! I can see you work to get things "just right" and it shows in your wonderful designs! Thanks for sharing these. What a treat! ~Sharyl