Monday, March 31, 2014

More earrings using Sharyl's components

I mentioned in this post that I have been working with Sharyl's components.  A few people mentioned that we made a good team.  I think they are right.  :)

I was able to meet Sharyl again for lunch and shopping.  Well, Sharyl was gracious enough to allow me to shop in her studio.

I came away with several goodies, which I promptly turned into earrings.

The two pairs above use metal links from Miss Fickle Media.

I ran out of links, so I tried making my own, using this tutorial from Miss Fickle Media.

They turned out pretty well.  Next time, I might try to patina the links.

I really love how Sharyl's metal and clay components work so well together.  The colors really play off of each other.

Definitely check out her shop.


  1. These are so lovely, Tanya ~ especially those last two pair. More More!!!

  2. Really gorgeous designs. I love, LOVE that last pair. And thanks so much for pointing us to the tutorial. Your links look great - definitely something I'd like to try!

  3. Patina adds such a rich tone to mesh with other components, and these designs look wonderful, Tan:)

  4. Thank you, Tanya! What a joy to see such wonderful designs coming from my components! I never dream of such a thing as I make them! I have to agree that we make a good team! And what a fun time I always have when we're together! --Sharyl

  5. Gorgeous earrings!! Sharyl's components are lovely and your earrings designs are fabulous!