Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween/Day of the Dead Blog Hop

My post for the Rolling Blog hop is here.

Diana Ptaszynski, from Suburban Girl Studio, is hosting a fun, Halloween inspired blog hop.  How fun is that?

When Diana posted the sign-ups, it was a no-brainer for me.  I knew immediately what I wanted to do.

About a week before, I purchases these cute little ghost charms from Nancy Schindler.  I knew exactly what they needed and asked my friend Sharyl to make a few components for me.

Sharyl created two sets of round charms -- one set similar to a harvest moon and one set more "Halloweeny."

I used the "Halloweeny" set with Nancy's ghosts.

The charms turned quite a bit when I used jumprings to attach them to the earwires.  To solve this, I made custom earwires so I could attach the charms directly to them.

I love how these look together.

Nancy periodically adds beads and charms to her shop.  Watch her blog for updates.

I wanted to make something special to compliment the harvest moon charms Sharyl made and was excited to see this pattern from threadabead.

These little witches beaded up quickly and look perfect with Sharyl's moon charms.

You can find more of Sharyl's components in her artfire store.  She creates beautiful components in all shapes and sizes  AND she has finished jewelry as well.

In addition to the earrings above, I made two Halloween necklaces for Christine Altmiller's Rolling Blog Hop.  Christine sent us vintage spools, asking us to make something with them.

I'm never sure how beadwoven charms or beads fit into the "art bead" category, but I love how the spools turned out and wanted to show them to you.

For a closer look, check out this post.

Diana, thank you for this challenge.  I had fun getting into the Halloween spirit.

Please take some time to visit the other participants to see what they created.

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  1. Everything you touch turns to gold, lady! :) Nancy's charms are so cool - love how you solved your twisting charm dilemma with your ear wires. And those little beaded witches are awesome! I am glad you posted pics of your spool necklaces again - they are so perfect for Halloween!

  2. These earrings are great, Tanya! The ghosts and those fantastic stitched witches stand out so well with Sharyl's moons behind them. And your necklaces...well, you know how much I love them! I was thrilled to see them again :-)

  3. those earrings are so fun Tanya! and your beaded witch earrings - so cool! I still LOVE those spools ... you really went to town with those spools and they turned out to be AMAZING

  4. OMG - those spool necklaces are so CUTE! And the witch bead weaving pieces with the moon - perfect!!

  5. how adorable! love the witches!!!!!

  6. adorable! Those beadwoven pieces...LOVE! Thanks for participating!

  7. The earrings are sweet! I love the witches against those wonderful harvest moon charms. And your pendants are just darling. You put a lot of work into these pieces.

  8. Hi Tanya,
    Wow you did a fantastic job with the earrings the ghost charms look amazing up against the spooky moon metal charms that Sharyl made. Those little beaded witches are too cute and again look perfect up against Sharyl's metal charms. I love your spool necklaces. You are a true Renaissance woman.

  9. Adorable!! Amazing bead works!! Love them! Thanks for sharing! Happy Halloween!

  10. Love the ghost earrings, they are adorable. The spool pieces are fantastic, nice beadwork.
    Lori in Atlanta

  11. love the ghosties, and that Frank is adorable! lol

  12. Those ghost earrings are so adorable! And the spools..well it seems to be that they are art beads since you created them. They are just so perfect for this hop.

  13. The beaded Pumpkin and Frankenstein are adorable!!

  14. Those ghosties read so well. And the witch is amazing!

  15. How FUN! And I adore Frankenstein! The chain is pretty amazing

  16. Wow! The earring are really cute and I am seriously impressed by both of your necklaces. Fantastic!

  17. Those beaded spools are cool! I like the ghosts, too - is it my imagination or do they glow in the dark?

  18. Love the earrings, but those necklaces are to die for! (no pun on Halloween intended!) :-) Truly, those are spectacular.

  19. Oh my gosh where do I begin? The witches and ghost earrings are so cute! Love the intricate beading of those little witches. Then the spools... what a creative idea to bead them! They really turned out nice!

    Happy halloween!

  20. Adorable! Everything you did is wonderful and those spools are really fantastic!

  21. Thanks for the honorable mention! So glad I was able to see one of your wonderful Halloween creations in person Saturday! These are all a treat to behold! --Sharyl

  22. Wow!! Tanya these are all so fantastic!!! The spools are so clever!! Beautiful bead work as always!!!