Saturday, December 1, 2012

Floral Holiday Blog Hop

For my entry in the 3rd Annual Challenge of Color, click here.

Lisa Lodge, from A Grateful Artist, is known for creating wonderful bead soup mixes and hosting fun (and challenging) blog hops using those great mixes.

This time around, Lisa sent bead mixes with lucite flowers and leaves.  The mix I received contained beads and lucite in soft shades of blue and pink.

I started with the seed beads, the copper leaves and the white drops.  I paired those with clear/pink seed beads and a bit of chain from my stash.

I used the bright pink beads in one strand and ended all three strands with the white drops from Lisa's kit.

This rhinestone link from Michaels is perfect for the holidays.

The end piece is this lariat.

Next, I tackled the lucite pieces.  I mentioned above that the lucite flowers and leaves were light blue and pink, yet the picture showed metallic leaves and flowers.  What happened?

Well, as I looked at the beads in the mix, I kept stumbling with the "holiday" part of the challenge.  For me, "holiday" evokes images of silver and gold.  How to make the pinks and blues play well with metallics?

Then it hit me.  A few weeks prior, I had read this post by Sherri of Knot Just Macrame.  Sherri posted a tutorial for painting lucite flowers.  I thought I'd try her technique.  I didn't have any patinas, but I did have the kiddo's acrylic paints.

This is what I ended up with.

I thought the lucite flowers looked wonderful doubled up.  For the center of the flowers, I made two mini cuboctahedra from the Infinity Ubercube pattern by Gwen Fisher and Florence Turnour.  (You can find this pattern and many others on their website, Bead Infinitum.)

I bezeled the pink rounds from the kit  and made more flowers using Jean Power's "Crystal Flower" pattern from her book, Geometric Beadwork.  (If you are a seed beader, put this one on your Christmas list -- it's wonderful!)

I thought all the flowers looked wonderful together.

I attached the lucite and beaded flowers to a strand of silk cord and a beaded herring bone rope.

I made a quick S hook with copper wire and applied a bit of gilders paste.

Here is the finished necklace.

I was happy to see it turned out like I had imagined.

I was sad that the lucite leaves didn't make it into the necklace, so I decided to make a bracelet just for them.

I've always liked chain maille, but rarely take the time to weave anything.  I made a quick Byzantine weave bracelet using copper, silver and black rings.

I attached the lucite leaves here and there, along with the remaining pink beads from the kit and a few of the flowers I didn't paint.

I love my floral holiday charm bracelet!

So does the kiddo.  She loved modeling it for you.

Lisa, thank you for such a wonderful hop!

Please  take a few minutes and see what wonderful things the other participants did with their soups.

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  1. You have been busy! All three are awesome however I love the middle design where you have added the seed beads and used other artists (Gwen, Florence and Jean) tutorials to create a beautiful and innovative necklace!

  2. These are smashing. I think they both would be great for the holidays. The bracelet is stunning

  3. I've never used patinas and didn't even think about painting any of the items. Your pieces are beautiful!!!!

  4. Everything you made is gorgeous. Thanks for posting the patina tutorial. I will give it a try. My necklace is similar in look but constructed differently. Very interesting!

  5. really love your beaded flower and lucite flower necklace. And thanks to the link for the painting lucite flowers. I some left over from both a teaching project and a swap and the colors are not to my liking. What a great solution to that problem.

  6. Yes! I love your pieces. I think the acrylic paint on your flowers and leaves is perfection, and your beadwork, amazing! I am in love with the lariat necklace! Great job.

  7. Painting the Lucite flowers - I think I learned more in this small blog hop than in the previous month all put together :) This is some creative group! Love everything you made, Tanya - they'll be just perfect for the Holidays.

  8. The lariat is so pretty and the bracelet looks like it has great movement and is beautiful! That flower necklace---you knocked it out of the park with that one...painting lucite flowers-great idea and fantastic look! The flowers and leaves look like they were manufactured in that color, and the ones you made to go with them are gorgeous! I love the blend of the beadwoven flowers and the lucites. Just gorgeous!

  9. The metal flowers look spectacular with the beaded ones. Big wow! And painting... brilliant!

  10. Tanya - I am speechless (and that is rare for me - lol)! Every piece you created made me ooh and aah. Painting the beads - brilliant! Really love the bracelet. You definitely hit it out of the park! Thanks for being in the hop, and Happy Holidays!

  11. EVERYTHING is gorgeous!! love the beadwork and the chainmaille!! So exciting to see your superb creations ;) Just beautiful beautiful jewelry. love everything!!

    Happy Holiday,

  12. Oh my goodness. I absolutely love what you did to the lucite with the paint, and the seed beads jut sent it over the top for me, and I have been dreaming of the book you mentioned. I have been going between that one and the other one that is not quite done.

  13. I love the lariat, I absolutely love what you did with the flowers, OMG, you did an amazing job!

  14. OMG - what a GORGEOUS piece that lariat turned out to be!!! I'm seriously coveting.

  15. OMBeadness this is gorgeous! The muted colors are wonderful and your design sense is awe inspiring...and the craftmanship is sooo evident. WOW!

  16. Absolutely stunning necklace and bracelet...going to paint some lucite now and check out your links above...thanks!!

  17. Tanya,I do love your work! That floral necklace might be the most beautiful jewelry piece I've ever seen! I have a "Work I Admire" board on Pinterest. I'd love to pin it with your permission. I always credit the creator. Thank you!

  18. amazing job!

    that's great!

    thanks for share.

  19. çok güzel olmuş bayıldım.


  20. I'm reading this months later and see that, as always, you did a stunning job of taking what you were given and creating works of art!