Saturday, November 3, 2012

i heart macro Sunday

For my entry in the Toast of the Town necklace blog hop, click here.

The kiddo loves to keep me company while I take jewelry photos.  She chases the dogs in the yard, gathers flowers and is always willing to stand in "just the right spot" to cast an even shadow over my subject.

While I photographed my version of Erin Prais-Hintz's Toast of the Town necklace, the kiddo roamed the yard and collected stray leaves and flowers.

The kiddo is amazingly resourceful.  As I was busy snapping pictures, she entered the house and came out with a shot glass.

Carefully, she arranged her treasures.

She made sure each and every branch was in the exact right spot.

She is extremely proud of her bouquet.  She checks the water every day and, so far, it is still doing well.

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studio waterstone


  1. What a great post! She looks like she was very careful to pick just the right flowers! Love the poke berries!

  2. Beautiful bouquet with all the different colors, shapes and textures.

  3. Actually, she did quite a good job here - colors, textures, varying heights! I see you are bringing up a little artist!

  4. She did amazingly well - love her arrangement! Her shapes/textures are in perfect harmony! Lovely shots all around,...just beautiful!