Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wild Woman Bangles

I've been lax and didn't blog at all about my Bead and  Button trip.  I had a fabulous time (like spending a week beading could be anything but fabulous).

My classes were wonderful and it was such fun meeting and getting to know the teachers.  Most of the instructors took time to talk with everyone in the class, which I thought was awesome.

One of my favorite classes was the Wild Woman Bangle class, taught by Debora Mauser.  I haven't done very much wirework and was apprehensive about the class.  I emailed Debora with questions about tools and ended up having a longer email conversation with her.  She was very reassuring and excited to help me try something new.

I wasn't even nervous when I walked into the classroom.  Even if I had been, Debora's big smile and friendly demeanor would have instantly put me at ease.  

These bangles look best with a mixture of brass, copper, silver and any mixture of beads.    The kit Debora supplied had several different kinds of wire and beads .. plenty for two bangles.

Debora spent the first part of the class teaching us to twist wire and make both kuchi beads and tornado beads.  They look daunting, but Debora's technique is so simple.  It really was fun to twist and turn the different wires into something cool.

I'll admit that I was wondering if we would have enough time for the bangles, but all of us finished at least one  bangle and most of us finished two.

Debora supplied liver of sulpher and a tumbler for our use and we left with finished pieces of jewelry!

I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in wirework.  Debora was a great teacher and the class was really fun and, as Debora said, there is no wrong way to do it.  Seriously, no wrong way!  How awesome is that?

I can see these bangles becoming a staple.  I love wearing them with other bracelets and I plan to make a few more.

Thank you, Debora, for such an awesome class!


  1. Looks fun and great! I wanna try it myself :-)

  2. Your bangles are wonderful! Isn't wire fun? I'm new to it myself but I love it and find I keep wanting to do more of it.

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful words. You did a great job in class and hopefully this is the beginning of a new world in jewelry for you!!

  4. The bangles are wonderful!!I hope you continue working with wire. This looks like a class I would love. I want to take classes next year...this year it was about just looking around to see what happens. I of course loved the retail floor.

  5. Tanya - these are fantastic!!! I am so jealous you got to go to the Bead & Button show!!! sounds like Debbie was a wonderful teacher.