Saturday, February 4, 2012

i heart macro Sunday

I wish there was a way to take the kiddo's energy and bottle it.  She doesn't typically walk.  She runs.  Everywhere.  Today, we took a walk around the arboretum just to try to "use up" her excess energy.  (It didn't work.)

It was a bit chilly, but the kiddo loved running around the lake and snapping pictures of everything.  I still get a kick out of seeing her, camera in hand, crouching over a leaf or bush for the "perfect" shot.

I was mesmerized by a wheat plant (I think).  A few fuzzy blooms on the inside had collected droplets of water.  I must have taken 20 pictures of this plant, but I will only bore you with a few.  :)

I was also taken with this branch.  I didn't realize until I got home, but since it was a cloudy day, this color picture looks to be more black and white.

studio waterstone


  1. Cool shots Tanya! Ah to have the energy of a kido again!

  2. awesome photos! love the last one :)

    see you there too, thanks!

    1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I do love dew and rain drops. It's amazing how they cling! Enjoy your week.

  3. love the water droplets you captured, and the the color and depth of field is beautiful!

  4. Pretty little water droplets. Nice work.

  5. I also had taken so many of this wild grass! Yours are beautiful!

  6. This are awsome. I love the color!

  7. Beautiful shots, love your droplets.

  8. I'm a big fan of capturing water droplets with photography. Your wheat plant shot is really fabulous. I like the softness of the fuzz of the plant with the liquidity of the water. Really cool!

  9. I know what you mean about the kiddo... when my son was little, he never crawled, he never walked, he just ran. I always said that if he went at regular speed he would probably tip over! He still runs everywhere, just not as often. :-)

    Your photos here are all just wonderful! I need to get out more!

  10. Yes, now I know why my mother said, {in an exasperated voice}: "youth is wasted on the young". Children's energy is an amazing, almost mind boggling thing. Love the water drops of the spray of wheat...great color and macro.