Monday, October 17, 2011

Wrap bracelet

There is a reason I don't go to Michaels.  There is a reason the hubster won't go to Michaels.  We have, of course, totally different reasons.

I don't go to Michaels because I am so easily distracted by the bead section, which, in my local store, is located just to the left of the entrance.  I have tried, but I cannot bypass the beads and head toward whatever I actually need.  This usually results in a longer trip.  Of course, the kiddo graciously allows me to browse and takes great delight in showing me all the "beautiful beads" she comes across.

The browsing inevitably leads to extra purchases and I generally leave the store with something not on my list, like these beauties.

Last week was no exception.

The turquoise beads screamed "wrap bracelet."  I then made an extra trip to the local bead store and saw this beautiful flower button:

When you put them all together, you get this bracelet:

I had never done a wrap bracelet before and I learned from this attempt.  There is a fine line between too tight and not tight enough when adding the beads.  The waxed linen thread I used was a bit too thick.  I will probably take this one apart and restring, but, for now, I am pleased with the result and I enjoy wearing it.

All in all, making the wrap bracelet was a fun and easy way to pass an evening.  This type of bracelet works up quickly and there are so many different looks one can achieve with the same technique.

Oh, in case you were wondering, the hubster refuses to step foot into Michaels because the trip results in something like this, which is now a month in the making:

Who would have guessed that a wooden puzzle dollhouse with about 500 pieces would need three people and several months to paint and assemble?


  1. I have a hard time in Michael's coming out with just what I went in for. That is a very pretty bracelet.

  2. Ohhh I love the bracelet - beautiful colours. And what a great puzzle too... I can see why it's taken so long!!!


  3. I loved the beads, the color, the story, the house! Even like the color of the house! :-)

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