Thursday, September 8, 2011

More copper

This is my attempt at Hammer Time by Jane Dickerson. I saw this project in Easy Wire 2010 by Interweave Press. It looked like a chance to try a few new skills and keep hammering.

Basically, I hammered a piece of 10 gauge wire until the hubster asked me to stop. (Then a few more pounds for good measure.) Then I got to play with texturing and stamping the resuting copper band.

I loved this project not only because of the hammering, but because I learned alot from it. I didn't realize the copper wire would flatten out in a wiggly shape (probably because I did not hammer evenly). I also had ample opportunity to practice stamping the design. Finally, I got to try my liver of sulfur. I loved the look of patina on copper.

While I see the mistakes in this piece, it will not go to the scrap pile. I want to show off my effort and the simple design goes great with almost everything.


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